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Maternity Services based in Ilfracombe, North Devon 

Pregnancy is magical and wonderfully exciting, its one of life’s true miracles, but for many it can also be an anxious time. Your body is changing unrecognisably, you count down to the impending day of giving birth and the unknown of what life will be like and how things will change once your baby is born. 
On top of our own thoughts and feelings women are commonly subjected to the (often unwanted) opinions of others. People comment on your shape and size and what this might mean, and are forthcoming with sometimes unhelpful scare stories about birth. Sound familiar? 
These attitudes, feelings and fears can have a huge impact on how we feel about our ourselves, our upcoming birth and becoming a parent. That can affect how we act and what happens during the birth, it can influence how we care for our baby afterwards and ultimately shape our whole experience. 
I want all women to feel well informed, confident and prepared for their birth and becoming a parent. Baby Boom! will provide you with completely factual, evidence based information that will allow you to know how your body works and how to birth your baby. 
With this knowledge you will feel calm, in control and better able to make the correct decisions for you and your baby during labour, birth and when caring for your newborn. This means you can look forward to the birth and beyond with excitement and anticipation not fear! 

 Meet the owner of Baby Boom!  

Hi I’m Connie, owner of Baby Boom! 
I am a mother to two wonderful children 1 girl and 1 boy. I have worked in health care throughout my working career; but following my own childbirth experience I started on a career as a birth worker. 
During my first pregnancy I was lucky enough to find a fantastic antenatal teacher who taught my partner and I so much we would never have known. We went on to have two amazing births; they weren't 'perfect', they didn't go exactly according to my birth plan but there was no fear, we were calm, prepared and confident. We both knew exactly what we needed to do, we felt in control and able to make all the decisions. Before taking birth preparation classes we were clueless, like many women my first experience of giving birth was my own, without the knowledge we gained prior to the birth I am certain things would have been very different on the day and we could well have not had such a positive birth experience. 
I hope to give all women that opportunity, I want them to enter the birth room knowing their body and what it can do and how to use their body’s natural ability to have the fastest, easiest, most comfortable birth possible. Every woman should know these simple skills and that’s why I started Baby Boom! 
I want you to look forward to your birth with excitement and clarity, to be completely confident, capable and free from fear. 
Pregnancy and childbirth is one of life’s miracles, it is one of the most memorable and life changing events for all involved and to be invited on that journey with you will be a true honour. 


Baby wearing peer supporter 
3 step rewind Practitioner 
birth trauma resolution 
Active Birth teacher training  
FEDANT registered 
Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives 
Doula UK doula (mentored) 
Breastfeeding peer supporter  
BSc Hons Dietetics 

What are people saying about Baby Boom's services? 

December 2018 ‘If you are thinking of hiring a doula, just do it! Connie was seamless and played an integral role in the whole process of my birth, she helped me massively during my contractions and calmed me down after I had a mini meltdown about needing stitches. She gives all doulas a fantastic name. She was kind, gentle, knowledgeable, supportive, caring, helpful, calm and confident. Connie supported me in every single possible way, she was so respectful of my wishes and my faith, without her I could not have had the birth I wanted or had. She was amazing’. 
February 2019 ‘Don’t think twice about hiring a doula, this is possibly the biggest thing your body will ever have to do. Having a doula is the ultimate support. I am so pleased that Connie was my doula, my labour would have been so different had Connie not been there, she liaised with midwives and helped us to get my labour back on track after it stalled. I felt that Connie was so present with me, she was calm, gently encouraging and always thinking one step ahead. She was the perfect doula’. 
July 2019 'Having a doula was so valuable to both of us; I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Connie. She was so calm, knowledgeable and attentive and helped both me and my partner cope, especially in the hardest moments. She seemed able to be very composed yet very caring which was so important. I can definitely say that Connie was a great help in ensuring we stayed with our birth plan. She was reassuring to my partner and helped him understand the possible choices we had when it was hard for us to think clearly. Overall we were both so happy and grateful to her, she was fantastic in all aspects, we both doubt very much we would have had the birth we had without her help and guidance. To sum our journey up, we went from an unplanned pregnancy and certainty that a ceasarian birth was the only option to planning a home birth with as little intervention as possible! Achieving this would not have been possible without Connie, from the antenatal classes to the birth she was a massive influence in the best ways. She had been such a big part of the whole crazy experience, when she left it felt strange with out her!'. 
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